26 May

Symposium on possible applications and consequences of AI with Armin Grunwald, Jessica Heesen and Judith Simon (all AG 3)

05 Jun

AI Challenge Days



Online Hackthon of AICommunityOWL for the development of AI applications with real industry data

19 Jun

Digitaltag 2020



Action day on digitisation with a variety of offers for citizens. The Plattform Lernende Systeme participates with a teacher training on AI.

24 Jun

Event organized by Fraunhofer MEVIS and the IHK Lübeck for local companies and research institutions with a presentation by Wolfgang Faisst (AG4)

23 Jul

Handelsblatt KI-Summit



20 Oct

Industrial Data Science Conference (IDS 2020)



08 Dec

automatica 2020



Leading trade fair for intelligent automation and robotics with a presentation by Matthias Peissner (Working Group 2)

13 Apr

DMEA 2021



Europe's largest event for health IT

28 Apr

Big-Data.AI Summit



Map on Artificial Intelligence

Illustrating how Artificial Intelligence is transforming the economy and our daily life, the platform highlights in this map projects and applications in Germany which use AI-technology. More and more examples of specific use cases are constantly being added to the map (only in German).

Application Scenarios

How can self-learning systems contribute to make work and life easier and to master social challenges? Experts from Plattform Lernende Systeme take a look into the near future. They illustrate the potential Artificial Intelligence has by referring to application scenarios of selected topics.

Political AI-Strategies

Artificial Intelligence will change the global economy and our everyday lives. What policy should be adopted with regard to these disrupting changes? Here you will find an overview of the strategic measures of the Federal Government and the federal states, as well as the AI-strategies of selected countries.

Looking Ahead

What are the hot topics surrounding the development of self-learning systems? What lies ahead? What questions remain unanswered? Members of Plattform Lernende Systeme assess the current state of play.

AI expertise

Plattform Lernende Systeme isn’t just a place for sharing information and ideas – it also brings together the available know-how on Artificial Intelligence. Therefore the section AI knowledge offers among others a bibliography of relevant studies and publications concerning AI.

Who’s who in AI?

The rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence have given rise to numerous initiatives around the world dealing with technological development and political, economic and social issues relating to the use of AI at various levels. You can find an overview of the key players in AI in Germany, Europe and the leading countries in technology throughout the world here.

Shaping Artificial Intelligence According to the Needs of Society

Self-learning systems are the next step in the process of digital transformation. Advances in Artificial Intelligence enable machines, robots and software systems to accomplish increasingly complex tasks. As a result, industry and society will change. In order to design self-learning systems according to the needs of humans and society the Plattform Lernende Systeme brings together leading expertise from science, industry and society and connects discern perspectives and interests. In thematically distinguished interdisciplinary working groups, they discuss technological, economic and social questions on the development and introduction of self-learning systems. From the results they conclude scenarios, recommendations, guidelines or roadmaps. Further information


Strengthening the resilience of our economy and society: Plattform Lernende Systeme emphasises contribution of AI and digitisation

The corona pandemic poses unprecedented challenges for the economy and society. Solutions and strategies are needed to overcome the current crisis and to create a "New Normal" in the post-crisis phase. The Steering Committee of Plattform Lernende Systeme discussed the potential of digitisation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its seventh session, which was held as a web conference. Further topics were the current work priorities of the platform.

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