23 Sep

Paper presentations, tutorials and workshops, keynotes, and many more, organized by Gesellschaft für Informatik and University of Würzburg

25 Sep

AI & Data Summit



Conference on the application of artificial intelligence and data in business, among others with Elke Reichart (Steering Committee), organised by bitkom

25 Sep

High-Tech Women 2024



Platform for successful women in technology and science to share professional experiences and ideas, organized by A.-R. Sadeghi (WG 3), among others

21 Oct

Digital Summit 2024


 Frankfurt am Main

"Germany Digital. Innovative. Sovereign. International", Event of the German Federal Government, with participation of the Plattform Lernende Systeme (PLS), among others

Artificial Intelligence in Germany

Our map shows among other things, where AI is being used, which institutions are conducting research on it and where there are suitable courses of study.

Generative AI - Artificial Intelligence All-Rounder?

What can language models currently achieve, how do they work, what are the challenges? Our explanation film answers these questions.

Practical examples: AI in action

Artificial intelligence has long been suitable for practical use. Find out where and how with the help of our continuously expanding case studies.

Interview: 3 Questions for...

Abtin Rad Global Director Functional Safety, Software and Digitization TÜV SÜD on Safe AI in medicine: What does EU regulation bring?

Scenario: Misuse of AI

Our current application scenario shows how attackers can be prevented from misusing an autonomous vehicle as a weapon in road traffic.

Political strategies for AI

What steps are politicians taking in the face of the disruptive changes heralded by Artificial Intelligence? An overview of the AI strategies of selected countries.


AI and democratic elections: Curbing possible manipulation at an early stage

In the super election year 2024, deepfakes and co. are attracting a lot of attention. The concern is that fake images, films and audio created with the help of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) could influence individual voting decisions. Their actual influence on the outcome of elections has not yet been proven. Nevertheless, experts from Plattform Lernende Systeme are calling for AI to be prevented from influencing political processes and opinion-forming. This is because the mere attempt to disinformation undermines trust in democratic institutions. A current white paper highlights the significance of generative AI for elections and democracy using concrete and possible examples. It recommends, for example, proof of origin for AI-generated content and the strengthening of AI-related media skills.

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Best practice: AI in action