AI Start-Ups in Germany

Artificial intelligence is the focus for an ever-increasing number of German start-ups. What industries are they developing solutions for? For which areas of operation in the company? An overview of the current AI start-up scene.


The appliedAI initiative publishes a regularly updated overview of the German AI start-up scene with the aim of highlighting start-ups in the field of artificial intelligence and thus offering opportunities for networking. Artificial intelligence is seeing rapid technological developments. Collaborations between established companies and innovative, sometimes highly specialised start-ups are making it possible to rapidly expand existing business models using artificial intelligence methods while also developing completely new ones. At the same time, AI systems are getting better and better all the time, the more data and learning opportunities they receive – for example, through collaborations with various partner companies.


appliedAI is an initiative by UnternehmerTUM, the innovation and start-up centre at the Technical University of Munich, and is involved in Plattform Lernende Systeme. Working with partners, appliedAI has identified start-ups founded after 2009 with headquarters or development focus in Germany and a technological focus on machine learning. Content-related clustering describes the areas of application for the AI solutions developed in companies:

  • Enterprise function – increasing productivity for existing tasks by supporting employees with AI-based tools
  • Enterprise intelligence – harnessing data sources that were previously too difficult or expensive to analyse
  • AI technology stack – developing software solutions using machine learning to secure competitive advantages
  • Industries – collaborating with start-ups offering industry-specific products and services based on machine learning

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