Funding by the Federal Government


€2.65 billion in additional funding
(as of November 2022)

German Centres of Excellence for AI Research


Nationwide network of 6 German Centres of Excellence for AI Research

Publications and citations


8,144 published scientific articles (2022)

Professorships funded by Federal Government

Research | Skills

150 additional professorships on AI funded (since 2019)

AI Monitoring: Describing the state of Artifical Intelligence in Germany

What is the state of research on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Germany? To what extent is the transfer of AI technologies from science to application in economy successful? Where are AI competencies being developed and how widespread are they among the population? The AI Monitoring of Plattform Lernende Systeme provides key figures on the status quo and on the potential for further development of AI research and transfer in Germany.

Junior Research Groups on AI

Reserach | Skills

56 Junior Research Groups for increased support of young scientists (as of October 2023)

Grant programs for SMEs


43 public programs to promote AI in SMEs
(as of October 2023)

AI patents


825 AI patents were newly filed by scientists from Germany in 2020

Learning opportunities at high schools


Mandatory or optional Computer Science classes in 11 federal states (as of 2023)

Study programs related to AI


208 study programs with AI focus 171 study programs with Data Science focus
(as of October 2023)

AI startups


502 AI startups founded (in the past 10 years) $2.35 billion in private investment (2022)

Publicly funded Transfer Hubs


120 publicly funded Transfer Hubs on AI
(as of 2023)

Professionals' AI skills


3.5% of employees have AI skills or are professionally involved with AI (as of 2022)