WG 3 IT Security, Privacy, Legal and Ethical Framework

Rafe Swan/Getty Images

The working group focuses on security, safety, and privacy issues in the development and application of self-learning systems. It also analyses the concurrent legal and ethical demands and engages in close exchange with the other working groups.

Jörn Müller-Quade

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Key questions for the working group

IT Security and Privacy

  • How can we use AI for protection of IT-systems?
  • Which new threats can occur when attackers are using AI?
  • What could possibly happen when AI-systems are attacked and how can we protect them?
  • How can we guarantee a flexible handling with (individual-related) data for AI-application, while preserving the right for informational self-determination?

Law and Ethics

  • Which challenges occur when it comes to liability, criminal responsibility and fundamental legal and ethical issues?
  • How can we shape those systems to preserve human autonomy and basic rights, equal opportunities and prevent discrimination?
  • Is it reasonable to introduce a right for data ownership?
  • How can society actively participate during the implementation of self-learning systems?