WG 1: Technological Enablers and Data Science

Rafe Swan/Getty Images

The working group examines the technological principles and enablers of self-learning systems. It fulfils a cross-sectoral function for the entire platform and provides key impetus to all the other working groups.

Katharina Morik

TU Dortmund University

Volker Markl

Technische Universität Berlin

Key questions for the working group

  • What are the most important research areas for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science? Which potential do they hold for disruptive applications?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses within German AI-research?
  • How can we improve education for researchers and skilled employees for Machine Learning and Data Science?
  • Which research expertise is required for application?
  • How can we accelerate the transfer from successful research to application? Which factors could be obstructive?
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Members of Working Group 1 'Technological Enablers and Data Science' assess the current state of play towards the question: where will AI technology take us?.